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3045 Inducord®/TC

3045 Inducord®/TC


Tankcleaning hose

Special hose for tankcleaning using a rotating head. Due to its special structure the hose has just a minimal elongation while in use. The hose is provided with yellow marking at every 5 meter.


Norm EN ISO 1307:2008
WP 20 bar
BP 60 bar
Min. temperature -30 °C
Max. temperature +100 °C
Compound tube EPDM
Construction tube Smooth
Color tube Black
Compound cover EPDM
Construction cover Fabric finish
Color cover Black
Textile plies
2 RVS static wires
Article no.: 3045 Category:


Art.-no. Ø Inner mm Wall mm Ø Outer mm Bending radius mm Weight/mtr Length mtr.
3045038000 38 8,0 54 304 1,450 kg 60
3045050000 51 8,0 67 408 1,880 kg 60

Application: Very high quality, specially developed hose for tank cleaning with rotating spray head. Thanks to the special construction, the hose expands minimally during use. Hose is fitted with a marking ring every 5 meters, so you can work safely and always see how far the hose is in the silo or tank. Due to its EPDM inner and outer wall, the hose is resistant to various chemicals and alkalis, so that the hose is not affected by the medium if it comes into contact with medium during cleaning work. The hose can also be used for hot water.


  • Custom length possible

We recommend assembly with:

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