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3043 Inducord®/Lancia

3043 Inducord®/Lancia


Industrial waterhose with conical end

For cleaning floors and shipdecks, the conical hose end can easily be closed by hand and allows a regular pressure.


Norm EN ISO 1307:2008
WP 10 bar
BP 30 bar
Min. temperature -20 °C
Max. temperature +80 °C
Compound tube SBR
Construction tube Smooth
Color tube Black
Compound cover SBR
Construction cover Fabric finish
Color cover Black
Reinforcements Textile plies
Article no.: 3043 Category:


Art.-no. Ø Inner mm Wall mm Ø Outer mm Weight/mtr Length mtr.
3043025000 25 5,0 35 0,640 kg 15
3043032000 32 6,0 44 0,950 kg 15
3043038000 38 6,0 50 1,110 kg 15/25

Application: The hose is used for cleaning floors and ship decks. The conical end, which can be squeezed easily, ensures a good pressure build up. Hose does not need to be additionally equipped with a nozzle and is therefore very easy to handle.


  • Cutted length not possible

We recommend assembly with:

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